Cheapest Courier Service in Canada: Here are a Few Pro's and Con's

  • Snap Desk
  • 29-Jul-2021
Freight & Cargo

Ever since the widespread of the covid-19 pandemic, a good courier service has become an essential part of life in Canada. Everything from managing an online business to just sending out birthday gifts is connected to courier services.

Consequently, shipping costs have also become an important factor for consideration. Having several major courier companies to choose from is a major benefit in Canada. Customers can ship their packages through FedEx, UPS, CanadaPost, Purolator, Canpar, Loomis, DHL, Dicom, and many more.

As far as cheap shipping services go, a postal service is a much cheaper delivery alternative. Using this service means only having to pay for the shipping cost. Conversely, Courier service in Canada includes a fee for parcel handling, additional fuel, duty, and taxes, if any. The Governments generally operate postal services. Therefore, they are usually not as vigilant as the courier companies.

These services are cheaper but do not have reliability at all. On the other hand, Courier service take care of everything, from shipping to duty and tax costs. Thereby allowing customers to track their delivery as it travels through multiple stops until it reaches its destination.

Why should you invest in a Courier Service?

Courier service in Canada is focused on making parcel deliveries a convenient experience for their customers. Courier services provide the best delivery services when it comes to logistics. Furthermore, they offer a host of options like tracking services, door to door deliveries, and a meticulous work ethic.

Courier companies also provide their customers with a quote and a price for all items to be shipped. However, in-house courier services cannot match the safety of professional courier service. Private courier companies have established procedures, trained staff, and have state of the art logistics management. Therefore, using a courier service reduces the risk of incurring losses in case of any in-transit damage to shipped articles.

Small businesses can benefit with the peace of mind that their parcels are in safe hands by relying on courier services. Thereby keeping all focus on running their business rather than worrying about shipping damages. Lastly, courier services also provide insurance. Hence, becoming the ideal option to ensure a feeling of security for senders.

Pros & Cons of Using a Cheap Courier Service

All the benefits mentioned above can also be lacking in a given courier service. This can especially be a drawback for a cheaper courier service. Generally, courier services may offer many benefits, including efficiency, speed, reliability, and safety. However, as the service gets more reasonable, so do the honours. For example, some courier services in Canada do not provide parcel insurance.

At the same time, their delivery charges are close to none. This can be an issue for businesses looking to ship valuable items since the lack of insurance leaves plenty of room for damages and no room for compensation. Keeping all this in mind, cheap courier services in Canada might still be a great option for small business. This is especially true for companies that would rather risk making up for damaged goods than pay a hefty shipment fee.