APC Providing Excellent Delivery Services in the UK Delivery Market

  • Snap Desk
  • 29-Jul-2021
Transportation Services

APC was founded in 1994 by a group of delivery companies. The platform is passionate about providing excellent delivery services in the UK delivery market. Furthermore, the company has managed its recent expansion carefully to stay true to its founding principles.

APC offers an exceptional range of services by utilizing state-of-the-art technology. This is possible due to the company’s continued investment in safety and efficiency. Currently, the platform is UK’s largest independent delivery network.

They have more than 103 locations that guarantee a friendly reception and streamlined coverage. APC is a refreshing alternative for faceless delivery companies. This is because their network is comprised of local depots. Thereby indicating customer service officials permanently on-site to help customers in person.

APC is full of passionate employees who are courteous, efficient, and interested in others. Thus, ensuring parcels arrive pristine and in time. The company is committed to operating responsibly and sustainably. Therefore, they implement measures to understand and manage all aspects of their business operations. Whereby seeking to enhance the company’s social, environmental, and economic impact.

APC International Delivery Services

APC provides a range of international delivery services. The company offers worldwide air and European road parcel service in partnership with Air Menzies International. Thus, making international parcel delivery more convenient than ever.

This is mainly because customers only have one company to deal with for all UK and Worldwide parcel deliveries. In partnership with Air Menzies International, APC’s experienced team has a thorough knowledge of export rules and regulations. Thus, enabling them to calculate the quickest, safest, and most economical method for customers’ requirements.

Additionally, the platform also offers a cost-effective road to European services ideal for less time-sensitive items. Overall, leaving customers with an ideal situation, i.e., one team, one collection point, and one invoice. All enveloped with a company that customers can rely on to deliver excellent value-for-money.

APC Policies for the Environment and Community

APC’s vision dictates they make their customers their priority. Furthermore, the company recognizes that they significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment. Thus, APC dedicates ample resources to planning and modelling their trucking schedules to achieve route optimization. Additionally, the company uses modern aerodynamic fuel-efficient vehicles that are regularly maintained and serviced.

Eco-Friendly Service

APC is committed to a waste recycling scheme. This includes shrink wrap, paper, cardboard, scrap metal, and ink cartridges. Even the employees at the company are trained and compliant in actively ensuring recyclable products are discarded appropriately. APC’s company premises are fitted with energy-saving light bulbs and sensor lighting to minimize energy usage.

The delivery company is also committed to providing opportunities and support to the local community. All recruitment opportunities are made available to the local community by various methods of advertising. APC’s official charity, selected by its employees, is the Teenage Cancer Trust. Donations provided by fundraising and sponsorship are presented to local units of this charity.