Frequently Asked Questions

Placing An Order

How does Snap Delivery work ?

You need something delivered? A Big mac combo from Mcdonald's? Late night munchies from a convenience store, some medicine from a pharmacy. Maybe you need snap to deliver all these things and a coffee from Tim Horton's. Snap will deliver.

There are following delivery types available:

  • Customer from Business
  • Business to Customer
  • Business to Business
  • People outside of Toronto sending a delivery to Toronto
  • Business requiring an on-demand or scheduled delivery provider

Business / Offices / Restaurants / Sending / receiving from internal or external vendors, suppliers & customers. Learn more about Business to Business Delivery Type

Gifts, surprises, medication, business and suppliers needing an on-demand delivery solution. We provide a service for the things you would want to do you self, however unable. We provide a service of discretion, respect , honesty , quality and speed. Learn more about sending orders outside Toronto

Catering, courier services, package / documentation deliveries. Various forms of payments are accepted to provide our clients flexibility and convenience. we are open until 2:00 am 7 days a week Learn more about on Demand Business Delivery Services

We Deliver around:

  • Downtown Toronto (On Demand)
  • G.T. A (Scheduled Delivery Only)

You can place order by:

  • SMS
  • Call
  • Order Online

Average Delivery time is 45-60 minutes. However, we strive and usually deliver before the 45 minute mark. We'll keep you constantly updated about the status of your delivery.

We aim to provide the fastest, most reliable and efficient delivery service provider in Toronto. We've structured our business model to keep the process as simple as possible.

You can pay by cash, online, email transfer or PayPal.

I've placed my order but my delivery isn't here yet ?

Its' probably on the way! If you've any concern about the status of your delivery, give us a call & we'll figure out why its' taking so long.

We strive to always make sure your delivery is just the way you ordered it. If there's an issue, call us right away for a quick resolution.

You can only change your order within 10 minutes after confirmation. Cancelling an order will have to be judged according to the circumstances. If its possible we'll cancel without any cancellation charge.

We'll have to evaluate each order in its own circumstances, and provide the best resolution accordingly.