5 Best Shipping Companies for Small Business in Canada

  • Snap Desk
  • 25-Jul-2021
Delivery Service

Small business owners in Canada often underestimate the shipping aspect of their work. A good shipping company can help save both time and money for businesses. It can be quite confusing for business when the market is saturated with all kinds of delivery services. The question arises,” What carrier is the best option for your company?” Or some people would ask, “What is the best shipping company in Canada?” There are many answers to those questions. However, we shall cover the 5 best shipping companies for small business in Canada.

Following companies are the top picks for all kinds of shipping needs in Canada

FMi Logistics

FMi Logistics Inc. is a flexible warehousing solution tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. The company has a strong presence in Western Canada. With extensive resources, flexible services, and a team of trained experts. This makes them capable of having the capacity to meet all your business needs. FMi Logistics is one of Canada’s most trusted logistics partners. The company can go as far as fulfilling your business’s e-commerce orders for you! Therefore, taking your business to the next level.


Rosenau is Western Canada’s largest privately-owned shipping services carrier. The company is home to a network of over 28 unique terminal locations throughout four provinces. Therefore, allowing them to retain direct control of overall operations. The platform is also popular for its dedication to customer service & offering the most reliable transportation and supply chain services in the region. Rosenau’s experienced team has the skills and ability to solve complicated logistics challenges, no matter the size and scope of a shipment or supply chain issue.

Maltacourt Canada

Maltacourt Canada is a delivery company located in the United Kingdom. The platform offers multimodal solutions and flexible teams designed to support the obstacles facing your small business. Additionally, they offer air, road, sea, and rail delivery as well as warehousing services. The company provides a flexible approach across the ground, on the sea or in the air, aiming to tackle the toughest supply chain challenges. Maltacourt believes in individuality. According to them, the business shouldn’t have to settle for a one size fits all approach. Thus, they offer individualized support to all their customers.


Cargopedia is also one of the best international freight exchange companies in Canada. The company has an extremely user-friendly interface and easy to use services. Whether you use a smartphone or a tablet, laptop or PC, Cargopedia will adapt perfectly to the screen size. The Cargopedia website does not need the installation of any additional software. Therefore, it is available on all connected to the internet at any given time.

Ottawa Logistics Fulfillment

Ottawa Logistics is one of the best logistics companies for small businesses in Canada. The headquarters of the platform is perfectly situated between Toronto and Montreal. Furthermore, the company is popular for providing online retailers and mail-order sellers with a complete inventory and distribution package. This package includes Order Fulfillment, Ottawa Logistics, Inventory Storage and Management services.