On Demand Business Delivery

Business requiring an on-demand or scheduled delivery provider

On Demand Business Delivery
Serving Ontario :
Catering, courier services, package / documentation deliveries.
Delivery Prices
Fixed price for one store (Pickup - Delivery)


Variable price for custom orders.

                             to business

Prices based on:

  • Pickup and Delivery Address
  • Scheduled or on Demand
  • Number of people required for the Task
  • Estimated Time to complete the Task
  • Estimated or Actual effort required for the task
  • Purchase advance charges

Some Examples include:

  • Multiple stops : Pick Up food + Medication from pharmacy + Convenience store & deliver to one address.
  • Forgot something at your hotel and need it brought over to the airport asap.
  • Deliver documentation after hours.
  • You live outside of Toronto and want to send medication, food, flowers, a gift, home essentials.
  • You need a one stop shop to take care of your families / clients needs in Toronto while you are out of town. ( includes delivery, administration, bill payments , documentation, baggage transportation & more)
  • A concierge service for all of your needs while you or your guest are staying in Toronto.