Sendle - Carbon-neutral Shipping Service in Australia

  • Snap Desk
  • 25-Jul-2021
Delivery Service

Sendle is a carbon-neutral shipping service situated in Australia. This enables customers to support sustainability while using the platform’s shipping services. Furthermore, Sendle allows small businesses to succeed in the locality. This is possible due to the companies’ strife to unlock the networks and volumes in the shipping market.

Thus, providing the best prices to their customers. Sendle’s mission as a company ensures they are a customer-centred service. Therefore, the company claims that its customers are what keep them growing. Sendle aims to empower the innovative, entrepreneurial, hard-working heart of the Australian economy.

The platform strives to be more than a shipping company; they are game-changers. They use novel technology, design, and people to build things that matter and truly make a difference. Thereby doing well by their customers and doing well by the planet. That’s why every single shipment is with Sendle’s name on it is 100% carbon neutral.

Variety of Services provided by Sendle

Sendle operates with certain core contributors within the domestic as well as international shipping market. This includes retail merchandising, parcels and logistics. The company also offers delivery services for businesses and community organizations. Sendle mainly focuses on small to medium-sized companies, online retailers and services.

In addition to that, the company also offers pickup and delivery services for flat-rate pricing. Although offering speedy delivery services, Sendle currently does not provide express services. This means there is no guarantee for overnight delivery. However, same-city deliveries arrive overnight and deliveries to nearby cities within 2-3 days. Besides that, Sendle offers to pick up services for customers.

To avail of this service, all customers need to book online, print, and attach the label. There are over 90% of Australian addresses available for pickup on the website. More information about this is mentioned on the Locations & Coverage guide on the Sendle website. Pick up services are free!

How Does Sendle Work?

Customers can easily get a free quote in under 30 seconds for any parcel from their Dashboard. All they have to do is sign-up for a free account on the Sendle Website. After that, add in their pickup and delivery info, including the parcel size and weight. You can easily do all this via Sendle’s quote tool. The company is designed to make the process of delivering parcels a breeze. However, you can’t send certain items via Sendle. There are some items that you can’t book with Sendle.

These include dangerous goods and anything heavier than 25kg or bigger than 100 litres in volume. The platform delivers across Australia and around the world for low, flat rates. Making their services simple, reliable and affordable. Sendle has powerful tools all gathered up in one place. Thereby making the booking services accessible within seconds. The company manage deliveries and keep customers in the loop at the same time. With them, customers can get easy access to detailed advice and support. Having all employees always happy to help.