Posting jobs on a job board allowing transporters to apply for your job

  • Snap Desk
  • 03-Apr-2022
Transportation Services

Whether it’s a big mac combo from McDonald’s, some medicines from the pharmacy, or late-night snacks from a store nearby, you can get your goods delivered at any time. No matter it’s a cup of coffee or any other small or colossal delivery service, Snapdel has got you covered.  So how can you post a job on Snapdel and get your required goods delivered within a short time? Well, the process is easy. You can enter the job description on Snapdel’s website and get your delivery task published on the Live Job Board. However, to help you understand the process of posting a job delivery and hiring a transporter, we have gathered a guide to assist you with each step.

Posting a delivery job on Snapdel

To allow transporters to offer various quotes for your delivery job, you can post your delivery request on the public board section. After this step, verified transporters will contact you along with the vehicle information.

How to post a job on Snapdel

The first step to post a job on Snapdel includes logging in to the website with your email ID. After the email ID is verified, you can add your contact information, including the delivery and pickup address. 

In addition, Snapdel does not limit its users to specific delivery options as you can choose various delivery categories depending on the type of good you want to get transporter. Whether it’s a business or some personal delivery, Snapdel will provide you with various transportation options to get your goods delivered.

Types of Delivery Service Categories available at Snapdel:

  • Food delivery
  • Car rental
  • Transportation service
  • construction transportation
  • Storage services
  • Towing service
  • Freight and cargo
  • Farming water transportation

With all the delivery service options available, you can hire a relevant transporter based on the quote that suits you best.

How to find a suitable transporter?

After posting the delivery job, you can choose a specific vehicle based on the database provided. Furthermore, the transporters and cars available on Snapdel are all verified and registered. After finding a specialized transporter and the right vehicle, you can search for a suitable transporter in your area to get the goods delivered. Once you get the appropriate quote offers from a transporter, you can select the pay range from $0-$500 depending on the distance, type of vehicle, and goods you want to get delivered.

Lastly, after selecting a suitable range and transporter for your delivery, read the terms and conditions before finalizing your transporter.

Essential notes for posting delivery jobs on Snapdel:

  • Ensure putting correct pickup and delivery service. Further, a valid postal code is also essential.
  • Mention the items you want to get delivered.
  • Would you like the items to be delivered to an address or picked up from a specific location?
  • Make sure you mention the additional information to help your transporter understand the job instructions.
  • Also, mention whether the transporter needs to purchase on your behalf before delivering the goods.
  • Lastly, avoid posting any sensitive or confidential information on the public job board.