How Much Money Can Transporters Make in Canada

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  • 24-Mar-2022
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Being a truck driver in Canada allows the driver to see every corner of the Great White North. But how much does a trucker earn in Canada? A trucking job in Canada promises a good salary and is a great career choice even for a newcomer to Canada.

How much can car hauler make in Canada?

With some experience and qualifications, a truck driver can find a job anywhere in Canada and earn an annual income of between $ 48,750 and $ 82,875. Salary also depends on other factors, such as the level of qualification or training of the driver, the level of work experience, language skills in English and French and the province in which he intends to operate. Entry level positions start at $ 34,125 per year. Reports also show that the shortage of truck drivers in Canada will increase in 2020. Experts predict that Canada will have 25,000 truck driver seats by 2023. This means that truck drivers are in high demand. In addition, the truck driver unemployment rate in Canada is 3.3% in 2020, much lower than the national unemployment rate of 5.8% at the same time. Below is the average salary for truck drivers in every province in Canada. The average Canadian car hauler salary is $ 55,000 per year or $ 28.21 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $ 39,000 a year, while most experienced workers earn up to $ 100,000 a year.



The best semi-trucks in Canada:

Canada is rich in a variety of geographical conditions. The topography ranges from a mountainous west coast, to a flat central prairie, to the forested plains to the east and the frozen north. It also borders the United States to the south and northwest. A truck operating in this region should be reliable and adaptable in both countries (if operating in both). Below are some of the most reliable brands of commercial trucks that any owner or large fleet operator can consider:

Volvo One of Canada's largest commercial truck brands, Volvo holds 13.9% of the country's commercial truck market share. With changing trends, Volvo has constantly focused on innovations such as autonomous trucks and electric vehicles.

The company has developed connectivity using telematics data that allows semi-trucks to communicate with each other on the road. The cab interiors are comfortable and the truck is easy to drive. Volvo trucks are ideal for road hauliers, as most new models are equipped with remote diagnostic capabilities. If the driver is having trouble traveling, Windows allows fleet owners to diagnose the problem and run tests from their home base.


In 2018, international trucks accounted for almost 36% of Canada's Class 7 truck sales. One of the most trusted commercial truck companies, International has actively strived to improve fuel efficiency and vehicle uptime in 2020. The International LT 2020 series aims to improve the vehicle's aerodynamics. This will be done by eliminating (or reducing) the tractor-trailer gap and improving the roof fairings, along with other exterior modifications. It aims to improve fuel economy by 8.2%, thus reducing operating fuel costs.


With 75 years of creating medium and heavy commercial trucks, Freightliner is a remarkable company with its Detroit propulsion system. It coordinates how the engine, transmission and axles of the truck work together as an integrated system that improves the efficiency of the vehicle. Freightliner trucks face higher operating rates when combined with safety features such as the windshield-mounted camera. It makes it easier for fleet owners to keep their fleet running. The company is looking for ways to reduce truck emissions. They aim to do this by switching two of their trucks from diesel engines to hydrogen fuel cells.


Peterbilt trucks are one of the most comfortable trucks, making them a favorite choice for long-distance drivers. Use SmartAir to save fuel, keeping drivers comfortable when resting in the vehicle. Smartling remote diagnostics keep drivers safe on the road. Diagnose and fix problems and get the trucks back on track as soon as possible. The company name is synonymous with semi-trucks. In 2020, Peterbilt plans to start limited sales of electric vehicles. Currently, 16 Peterbilt electrics are on the highway. The number is expected to increase steadily to 36.