Here is What is Required to Work in Courier Services in Canada

  • Snap Desk
  • 29-Jul-2021
Transportation Services

Courier jobs have become even more essential since the past year. The COVID-19 global pandemic has shifted almost all businesses online. This means more deliveries and an increased need for staff in the courier services. Furthermore, jobs at courier services during this time would also mean sacrificing your safety to some extent. This is because no matter how many precautions one takes, there might still be ways the virus gets to you.

In these times, courier services require people who understand the precariousness of this job. This is because courier services aren’t just responsible for delivering household items, but they also provide medication. Lots of elderly and people with chronic diseases are stuck at home, unable to get their medication. Therefore, a courier job in Canada isn’t a job for the faint-hearted during this unprecedented time.

Canadian Courier Jobs require specific skills

As a person applying for a courier job in Canada, you need to possess some skills and knowledge. These skills include being able to transport specimens promptly to preserve specimen integrity safely. The delivery driver must show a high level of maturity, customer service, and accountability in various driving conditions.

The driver must know that they are essentially representing a company. Therefore, they should show professionalism and integrity by providing a positive experience for customers at every drop-off. The individual should know how to utilize the technology provided by the company. This includes completing online readings and training, reading emails and completing time cards.

The driver must also ensure customer satisfaction by handling all situations with professionalism. Additionally, almost all courier jobs in Canada require a driver to have a high school diploma or an educational equivalent, including professional accreditation or certification. The driver must also have a valid driver’s license.

Key responsibilities and working conditions

An individual applying for a courier job in Canada will also need to fulfil some key responsibilities. This is because all courier company have a relatively fast-paced environment. Thus, the employee needs to do their work and manage physical demands such as lifting to 50 pounds of material.

Furthermore, the employee must be responsible for managing daily delivery and pick-up schedules as assigned. They must also have the ability to solve problems as they arise while on the road. Lastly, the employee must comply with all corporate policies and know Federal Express Canada operations.

Some companies might even have criteria of minimum years of experience required for entry to this job. Other specific mandatory requirements may include knowing French and English for employment in the province of Quebec.