What Happens if You Are Not Home & your Shipping Delivery Arrives?

  • Snap Desk
  • 25-Jul-2021
Moving Company

Canadian shipping services provide customers with options for delivery even when they aren’t available to receive the package. If you live in Canada, this doesn’t have to be such a huge issue.

Whether it’s time for vacations or perhaps some well-deserved time off, your absence can have a few practical consequences. Who’s going to water your plants? Or receive that important package you were expecting at your doorstep? Here are some carriers that have solutions to deliver your parcel anywhere in Canada despite your absence:


CanadaPost ventures delivery packages directly to their customers. However, there can be situations where the customer isn’t available. The company instead leaves the parcel in a safe area at the customer’s location. The customer sets up this ‘safe drop’ site. This can be especially helpful for customers who cannot travel to the post office to pick their parcels up.

Furthermore, as far as the safe drop-off is concerned, there are certain rules. CanadaPost will only make a safe drop if there is a safe place sheltered from the weather and cannot be seen by passers-by. Additionally, the delivery should not require a signature or collection of funds. Lastly, the customer has to ask the company specifically to make the safe drop-off.


FedEx has a policy of leaving a delivery attempt notice if the customer isn’t available at home to take their package. This notice gives customers the room to request a new delivery by using their FedEx Delivery tool. Customers will need to select ‘By Door Tag’ from the drop-down menu to access the device. After that, they must enter their tracking number, email address and phone number. Consequently, customers will be able to choose the most convenient delivery option available for your package.


UPS is another delivery company in Canada that caters to this situation. Packages that do not require a signature are essentially left in a safe place. This could include the front porch of the home address, side door, back porch, garage area or with a neighbour/leasing office. All these options would be noted in a yellow UPS InfoNotice® left by the delivery driver.

DHL Express

DHL give their customers the option of getting the package delivered to a close loved one. Conversely, the package can also be received by colleagues at the customer’s workplace. All customers need to do is give their employer a heads up. However, if all these options aren’t available, DHL always is. Customers may also be able to choose the nearest DHL pick-up point at their holiday destination.

Overall, customers always have the option of postponing their delivery. This option lets them have their parcel delivered on their own time. Deliveries can be stalled for a couple of days or weeks. Thus, the package will only arrive on the date and time when customers are home to receive it.