Seamless - Giant Online Platform & Mobile Food Ordering Service

  • Snap Desk
  • 29-Jul-2021
Food Delivery Services

Seamless is a company dedicated to providing a simple and easy way to order food online. The parent company at Seamless is called Grubhub.Inc. Grubhub is a giant online platform and mobile food ordering service. Furthermore, the company is a massive name in the delivery marketplace with a comprehensive restaurant partner network.

Thus, featuring over 300,000 restaurants in association with over 265,000 restaurants in about 4,000 cities in the U.S. Therefore, no matter what you are in the mood for. Anything you want, Seamless has it on its food delivery application. No need for paper menus or phone calls.

Thus, offering you the chance to fulfill your craving without a hassle. The Seamless app allows its customers to check out menus from popular local restaurants and chains with just a few taps. Thereby enabling them to order something new or feel free to order their comfort foods.

Additionally, Seamless is a company that aims to help create a more environmentally sustainable restaurant industry. Therefore, ordering from the app means donating to a noble cause.

Seamless services and more

Ordering at Seamless is as easy as ABC. Browse the menu of your favorite local restaurant. Thereon, select what you want to eat and then basically submit your order. Once all this was done, all you have to is wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep. Seamless allows you to enjoy your favorite foods on the go!

On top of that, the service enables comfort and convenience when it comes to meals. Additionally, the company has a unique subscription called seamless+. This service essentially enables customers to get free food delivery on all orders. Furthermore, the subscription qualifies customers to get exclusive rewards and much more! The best part is you can cancel the subscription anytime.

Seamless takes great interest in feeding hungry children around the world. Therefore, the platform enables its customers to take part in the initiative. This can be done by staking coins on your account. Look for the S+ flag to find all the eligible restaurants near your location for coin collection.

These restaurants contribute to feeding about 10 – 200 people for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. Seamless also offers catering services! The application has more than a dozen restaurants that especially offer catering. All you have to do is use a filter for catering services on the search bar. The rest of the process is simple.

Regulations at Seamless during COVID-19

The current environment around the world has everybody worried about their health. The food industry even more so. The health and safety of the customers are the top priority at Seamless. Contactless delivery is provided on all orders placed via the application.

This self-distancing service is the default option for all orders! Customers can also choose to pick their orders at the curbside. This option allows diners and drivers to pick up their orders without entering the restaurant. Furthermore, all employees at Seamless are provided with protective gear and hand sanitizer for optimum protection.