Flat Export - Providing Individual Needs & Budgets Related to Shipping

  • Snap Desk
  • 29-Jul-2021
Transportation Services

Flat Export is a reliable international shipping service. The platform was built to suit individual needs and budgets. The aim of the company is essential to make international shipping more manageable and more affordable for their customers than ever. The good people at Flat Export aims to help their customers find the best international shipping rates available in the market. Thus, consolidating multiple shipping services into one discounted service.

The company allows customers to use their packaging with specific international guidelines. Flat Export – First Class International Services Additionally, the rate for each parcel is dependent upon the actual volumetric weight of the package. The rates are also affected by the box’s destination, whether it is Canada or the Rest of the World. For any package shipped by this company, the maximum weight is 20 lbs. The company is known to be a reliable platform in the international shipping market, with maximum value going up to $400. By using Flat Export, you can quickly lower your International Shipping Costs. This means having a cheaper alternative to USPS first class international services.

The latest changes in the US Postal Service and the UPU have seen significant international shipping costs. Some companies, such as Flat Export, have built an alternative supply chain to help avoid these price surges. Thus, allowing businesses of all sizes, whether they are emerging or developed, to receive these price benefits.




How Does Flat Export Work?

Flat Export follows the usual shipping procedure. This is because the company essentially aims to be simplistic and easy to manage. Customers don’t have to use any special packaging or arrange any 3rd-parties to pick up their shipments. All customers have to do is purchase the shipping labels through the website. After that, print and attach it to their parcels and hand them over to USPS. The company’s consolidation centers will take care of the rest. With Flat Export’s incredibly affordable and reliable services, it has never been easier to sell products internationally. The company goes as far as taking care of all the paperwork, tracking, and integrate directly with your business.

The process is so easy that anyone can start selling and shipping their product today without costly development or setup time. Flat Export Canada does not have many restrictions on what you can send but customers should be mindful of sending alcohol, food & other items. To create a shipment with Flat Export for the Rest of the World, customers must enter their shipment details on their portal. These details include the address and the details of the item. Furthermore, customers need to purchase a shipping label. Thus, please print the label, attach it to the shipment and drop it off at a designated drop-off location. After dropping off the parcel, customers can easily track their order at Flat Export. Furthermore, it is also possible to share the tracking link with the recipient of the shipment. Flat Export shipments to Canada generally take between 5-7 days. In comparison to other postal couriers that deliver within 1-3 weeks.