DPD Group - One of UK's Leading Parcel Delivery Brand

  • Snap Desk
  • 29-Jul-2021
Delivery Service

DPD is a parcel delivery firm that uses innovative technology to improve its services every day. The platform aims to deliver emission-free in cities. Thus, they are involved in the process of creating a network of all-electric micro-depots. This means their all-electric vehicles are located closer to our customers.

Thereby, shoppers will also get their next-day delivery in a cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable way. DPD has started a program known as Project Breathe, which focuses on monitoring the quality of the air. The company first rolled this program out in London, installing over 100 fixed and mobile sensors.

The sensors measure the harmful PM2.5 levels in the city center every 13 seconds. Thus, the data is helpful to visualize the air quality issue and identify any hotspots. The project’s next stage is to install another 100 sensors in Birmingham in 2021 and a further 220 in Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, and Manchester by May.

Once DPD installs the sensors, they get monitored for 2 months. After that, the company provides access for local council and their customers. Thus, the data is accessible to everyone to aid councils in their policymaking.

DPD’s Products & Services

DPD connects businesses and customers through its extensive range of products & services on a daily basis. The company aims to provide its customers with the best delivery experience. This is the case for all kinds of shipments within the UK & abroad. DPD is constantly investing in technology to provide small and large businesses with the best possible delivery experience.

The platform is known to deliver a better value for each customer. This is mainly due to the companied effect of their extensive range of products and services. DPD provides a comprehensive range of time-critical, value-for-money services. There is no match for the platform’s reputation for service and security. Therefore, sending parcels, essential documents or freight is extremely easy with them.

Furthermore, the company’s overseas services offer unbeatable, flexible solutions for all delivery and logistics needs. This is true for Europe and the rest of the world. DPD has access to extensive ground and air networks. This means they can be relied on to supply reliable and competitively priced delivery services anywhere in the world.

COVID 19 – Unavoidable Circumstances

DPD has been continuously monitoring the development of the COVID-19 situation closely and how it affects their services. The platform has taken actions in different countries, including border closures, lockdowns, and reduction in people movement. These measures have significantly impacted airlines resulting in many flight cancellations from the UK.

Therefore, DPD’s airline haul capacity is significantly reduced and so the cost of it has risen. Since the virus is expected to peak over the next month, this situation will only get worse. The pandemic is beyond anyone’s reasonable control. Thus, the costs faced by DPD to provide International delivery services to particular destinations have increased dramatically. There is nothing that the company does to make up for this change.